Stop Stressing Over Arizona Tickets—MyImprov Can Make Them Disappear

by John Fabel | Last Updated: October 30, 2023

Bad day? Out on the road, minding your own business when, BOOM. Flashing lights in your rearview mirror. And as if the ticket wasn’t going to smack your wallet hard enough, you’re going to have to deal with added driving record points and higher insurance premiums, too. It hardly seems fair.
But you don’t have to let one mistake haunt your driving record forever. With an Arizona Supreme Court approved online defensive driving course from MyImprov, you can make that obnoxious ticket disappear before it causes any lasting damage.

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Tackle Your Ticket With the MyImprov Advantage

Taking a defensive driving course through MyImprov offers big advantages when it comes to getting rid of a ticket. Their state-approved online curriculum satisfies Arizona’s requirements, allowing you to completely dismiss certain traffic citations and avoid getting points added to your license. MyImprov walks you through the quick, hassle-free process from enrollment to certificate submission. Before you know it, that frustrating ticket will magically disappear from your record like it was never there in the first place. Pretty sweet deal!

Self-Paced Online Courses to Fit Your Life

With MyImprov, you can access courses online 24/7 from any device, so fitting school into your packed calendar is a breeze. Finish up lessons on lunch breaks, during your commute, or while waiting for the kids to finish basketball practice.

Their interactive courses allow you to learn at your own pace. Play lectures twice if you need a refresher. Plus, no more wasting Saturdays trapped in a classroom! MyImprov lets you improve your driving skills without disrupting your life.

Pay Less with MyImprov

Learning defensive driving skills and erasing your ticket doesn’t have to drain your bank account. MyImprov offers affordable prices and runs frequent promos so you can improve your driving without breaking the budget.

Dismissing tickets pays dividends by avoiding insurance hikes. MyImprov gives you the most value for your money so you can invest in your safety and record.

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Gain Pro-Level Driving Skills with MyImprov

MyImprov’s courses go way beyond just teaching basic traffic laws. You’ll gain real-world techniques to handle everyday driving obstacles like:

By the end, you’ll have gained serious skills to thrive on AZ highways and side streets alike. Get ready to cruise around like a pro!

Never Feel Lost—Assistance Is Just a Click Away

No question is too silly and there are no dumb mistakes with MyImprov. Their awesome support team is ready to help you dismiss tickets from start to finish. Don’t understand eligibility rules? No worries, they’ll walk you through it. Stuck on registering? They can assist you in just a few clicks.

MyImprov’s squad has helped thousands of AZ drivers dismiss tickets quickly and easily. You’ll be in good hands!

Kiss Violations Goodbye with MyImprov

Don’t wait until the next infuriating “love note” gets left on your windshield. Join thousands of AZ drivers who have leveraged MyImprov’s driving courses to quickly:

Take control of your record today with MyImprov. Wave goodbye to tickets for good and cruise into a violation-free future!


The longer you wait, the longer 'til it's over...

Before you work your button-pressing magic, let’s give everything a friendly double-check to avoid any hiccups.

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Speedy Online Defensive Driving: Dismiss Arizona Tickets Fast!

Here are the basic steps for dismissing a ticket with an Arizona Supreme Court approved defensive driving course:

  1. Ensure Eligibility: Make sure your violation qualifies for dismissal. Some tickets won’t be eligible, so verify upfront.  
  2. Contact The Court: Reach out to the court on your ticket to confirm they accept defensive driving courses. Check citation or online for their info.
  3. Pay Any Fees: You may still need to pay fines, court fees or costs, even with the course. Meet deadlines to avoid penalties.
  4. Register For A Course: Find an Arizona Supreme Court-approved provider like MyImprov. Enroll in a course and complete registration. 
  5. Complete The Course: Finish the defensive driving course within the timeframe set by the court. 
  6. Get A Certificate: Once done, you’ll get a completion certificate. Make sure it has all the required info.
  7. Submit Certificate: Give the court a copy of the certificate per their instructions – mail, fax, in person, etc.
  8. Verify Dismissal: After submitting the certificate and fees, confirm with the court your ticket was dismissed. Get documentation.
  9. Contact Insurance Carrier: Even with the ticket, your insurer may offer a discount for the driving course. You might even make money by getting a ticket!

Remember: Steps vary by court and jurisdiction in Arizona. Consult the court or legal help to ensure proper procedure.

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John Fabel

I have a long and checkered history with defensive driving. I took my first "court invited" course at age 15 and realized immediately that there had to be a better way. Since that first experience, I have gone on to teach defensive driving classroom courses and to author four internet courses in 2 states. After nearly 25 years in the industry, I can help you find a course that will be the best fit for you.