REVIEW: Arizona’s Top 4 Online Traffic Schools

by John Fabel | Last Updated: 2024-01-24

There are many reasons to take a traffic school course:

Question is, how are you going to get it behind you? My kid brother is fond of saying that if you give the hardest job to the laziest man, he’ll find the easiest way to do it with the least amount of effort expended.

As with most anything else in our lives these days, the “easiest way” is to do it online. There are a few classroom courses still to be found, and classroom courses can be fun. However, if you fall into the category my brother speaks of, an internet course is probably the best option. 

I do realize that if you have already Googled “Arizona traffic school,” you probably choked at the number of options available. How do you know where to begin?

Here’s where we’d like to help you out. We’re going to discuss who can qualify for an Arizona driver safety course and take a quick look at the three Arizona providers that we think are the best. If after reading our reviews you don’t agree, we’ve also provided a list of all the online Arizona traffic schools we could find. Get ready to do some scrolling; there’s a bunch of them.

Although traffic school is generally the best way to deal with a traffic ticket, you do have other options.

Do I Qualify for Arizona Traffic School?

To answer that question lies in your reason for taking the course. If it’s for your job requirement or to drop your insurance premiums, there are no restrictions on whether or not you can take a course. But, if you’re taking it for “The Big One,” the Arizona Supreme Court has a thing or two to say about whether or not you can.

Just a little aside here—If this is your first driver safety rodeo, you may notice that sometimes this article calls these courses defensive driving, and at other times traffic school. The Arizona Supreme Court calls driver safety courses “defensive driving,” but most course providers call it “traffic school.” Whether the course you choose calls itself defensive driving or traffic school, either one will get the job done.

The Arizona Supreme Court site has an overview of tickets that are eligible for dismissal, and here they are in a nutshell:

Still in the game? Then let’s find you a course. Here’s the short version and the reviews can be found below.

Arizona’s Top 4 AZ supreme Court-Approved Online Traffic Schools

So How Do You Choose?

With so many Arizona courses out there, what makes one better than another? We’re going to take a look at each company’s history, their unique advantages, and what their students say about their experience.

Online Traffic Education

Logo for online traffic school defensive driving and traffic school provides a convenient, interactive online traffic school course. They frequently update their curriculum so that their course covers all required topics to get your ticket taken care of. Courses can be taken at your own pace from home to acquire the knowledge and skills for safe, responsible driving. aims to make traffic school a hassle-free experience through its comprehensive, engaging courses. To sweeten the deal, Online Traffic Education offers excellent, 24/7, bilingual customer support. You can trust’s California DMV-certified programs to help you not only clean up your record, but to make you better informed and confident on the road.

Go To Traffic School

Logo for gototrafficschool defensive driving and traffic school

GoToTrafficSchool entered the driver safety industry in 1999. They have served over 4,000,000 satisfied customers since then, so they must be doing something right! Another unique offering is that they offer a money-back guarantee. If you are disappointed in their course in any way, you don’t pay, even if you get all the way to the final exam.  

Traffic School by My Improv

Logo of myimprov comedy online traffic school

My Improv started in the driving business over 30 years ago and was founded in partnership with the World-Famous Improv Comedy Club. Written by professional Hollywood writers, they present a serious subject in a humorous and light-hearted way. As an added bonus, they will throw in four tickets to your nearest Improv Comedy Club if you choose their course.


Logo of safe2drive online traffic school/defensive driving

Safe2Drive is a nationwide provider of online driver safety courses. Students of Safe2Drive benefit from their commitment to educating drivers on how to keep themselves safe on the roadway and do this in the most engaging way possible. Teaching this way allows drivers to retain and apply what they’ve learned when they’re behind the wheel.

If None of Those “Floated Your Boat”

Arizona has more (a LOT more) online defensive driving/traffic school choices. Here’s a list of all the ones we know of.

Complete List of Arizona Supreme Court-Approved Traffic Schools

John Fabel

I have a long and checkered history with defensive driving. I took my first "court invited" course at age 15 and realized immediately that there had to be a better way. Since that first experience, I have gone on to teach defensive driving classroom courses and to author four internet courses in 2 states. After nearly 25 years in the industry, I can help you find a course that will be the best fit for you.