Colorado Drivers Are Using I Drive Safely to Get Out of Tickets Fast—Here’s How

by John Fabel | Last Updated: 2024-01-24

Looking to dismiss a traffic ticket in Colorado quickly? I Drive Safely’s online defensive driving course is approved in Colorado to satisfy your dismissal requirement without going to court.

With I Drive Safely, you’ll breeze through engaging video lessons, animated graphics, and interactive quizzes from any device. Their course is designed to improve your driving skills while also taking care of that ticket in the most convenient way possible.

Say Goodbye to Boring Lectures with I Drive Safely

Forget boring lectures or dense textbooks. I Drive Safely delivers an interactive learning experience with:

I Drive Safely uses animated graphics and visual aids to help reinforce the video lessons in a memorable way. The material is presented in an upbeat, engaging style that makes satisfying your Colorado ticket dismissal requirement as painless and efficient as possible. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of safe driving practices while taking care of that ticket.

Fits Your Schedule: Study On-the-Go with I Drive Safely

The beauty of I Drive Safely’s online defensive driving course is you can complete it wherever and whenever fits your schedule. Study on your smartphone during your commute, from a laptop on your couch in the evenings, or from a tablet on the go. Their website is mobile-friendly, so all the instructional videos, graphics, and quizzes display beautifully on any screen.

All course materials are accessible 24/7. Whether you’re an early bird, night owl, or have an unpredictable schedule, you can learn at your own pace and convenience. Knock out a few quick video lessons during lunch or spend an evening digesting a section at length. The flexibility allows you to get the course done without sacrificing all the other things you need to do. 

Got more questions? Check out The Colorado Guide to Dealing with Traffic Tickets 

I Drive Safely: Colorado’s Trusted Ticket Dismissal Partner

As a Colorado DMV-approved online driving school, I Drive Safely is authorized to provide ticket dismissal services. Over 6 million satisfied students have already used their defensive driving course to remove violations from their records.

I Drive Safely’s DMV approval means all Colorado courts will accept their course for dismissing speeding tickets, stop sign/light violations, cell phone tickets, and more. As long as you meet the eligibility criteria, I Drive Safely guarantees completing the course will satisfy your dismissal requirement.

Unbeatable Pricing

I Drive Safely offers affordable course pricing and guarantees they won’t be beat. If you find a lower published price from an accredited school, they’ll match it so you get the best deal.

They also allow you to preview the first section of the course for free before paying. You can explore the interactive instructional videos and materials to ensure the course is right for you. No risks or hidden fees—just quality driving education at a guaranteed low price.

Enroll Today and Drive Violation-Free!

Don’t wait to take control of your Colorado traffic ticket! Choose I Drive Safely today and dismiss that violation ASAP.

You’ll become a safer, smarter driver and avoid increased insurance costs and DMV points on your record. Don’t pay that ticket—dismiss it the fast, easy, and affordable way with I Drive Safely. Enroll now!


The longer you wait, the longer 'til it's over...

Hold your horses! Before you mash that button, let’s make sure those i’s are dotted, and those t’s are crossed. We don’t want you stuck in traffic school twice!

Person at laptop taking i drive safely's Colorado Defensive Driving course

Fast Track to Ticket Dismissal: Take Defensive Driving Online!

To dismiss a ticket with a CO DMV-approved traffic school course, follow these general steps

  1. Make sure you qualify: Do some digging to confirm you and your violation meet Colorado traffic school requirements. The court has the final say on eligibility.
  2. Ask the court for traffic school: Submit the proper paperwork requesting traffic school dismissal. Follow the court’s application rules to a tee.
  3. Pay upfront costs: Take care of all fines, fees, and tuition ahead of time, even if your ticket gets dismissed later. Hold onto those receipts!
  4. Choose an approved school: Pick a Colorado DMV-licensed traffic school that works for you, like I Drive Safely. Enroll in the right course for your situation.
  5. Complete the course: Do all the coursework online or in person. Follow instructions, take notes, and pass any quizzes or tests.
  6. Send completion proof: Once you’re done, get a completion certificate or document from the school, and send it to the court on time. Keep a copy for your records!
  7. Enjoy a clear record: If everything checks out, your ticket will be dismissed, and your record stays clean. No insurance hike!
  8. Seize the Chance for Insurance Savings: Many insurance companies reward policyholders who pass a driver safety course with reduced premiums. Contact your agent and determine if your course completion certificate translates into monetary benefits.

The details depend on your court: Make sure to verify dismissal steps with your specific court first. Don’t want to risk taking the course twice!

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John Fabel

I have a long and checkered history with defensive driving. I took my first "court invited" course at age 15 and realized immediately that there had to be a better way. Since that first experience, I have gone on to teach defensive driving classroom courses and to author four internet courses in 2 states. After nearly 25 years in the industry, I can help you find a course that will be the best fit for you.