Defensive Driving in Arlington, Texas

by John Fabel | Last Updated: September 22, 2022

With nearly 400,000 residents potentially on the road at any given time, driving in Arlington can be challenging. In Texas’s seventh-largest city, driving can sometimes get as spicy as the salsa at Abuelo’s.

Arlington can be a dangerous place to drive, both physically and fiscally. Arlington averages 6,900 collisions per year, with roughly a third of them resulting in injuries or fatalities.  

Since most accidents are caused by a failure to control speed, law enforcement does its best to slow this trend by writing tickets. In the US, 100,000 speeding tickets are written every day, and, no doubt, Arlington drivers get their fair share. At an average cost of $150 a ticket, the nation’s speeders pay out nearly $5.5 billion dollars in fines, and each of them faces a 22-25% increase in their car insurance premiums for the next three years.

All of these costs could be drastically reduced with better driving by all. Arlington drivers can bring these numbers down by taking defensive driving (also known in Texas as a “driver safety course”). Tips and reminders of how to navigate the roads safely are the main topics of any driving course. The stated purpose of a TDLR-approved course is to teach drivers to “change their perceptions, attitudes, and skills to make Texas roads and highways a safer place to drive.” Other benefits of taking a defensive driving course include ticket dismissal and insurance savings, all at a reasonable cost.

The Easiest Way to Take Defensive Driving in Arlington? Do it Online

With the hectic pace of life, the easiest way to complete a course is to take it online. The ability to work at your own pace from your own place makes it the most convenient way, too. Any of the schools listed below offer courses approved for ticket dismissal and/or insurance discount. And you can choose any of them with confidence as they are fully certified by the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation (TDLR).

Arlington’s Best TDLR-Approved Online Defensive Driving Providers



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Online Not for You?

We understand that learning online is not everybody’s preference. If you prefer to “get your learnin’ live,” you can still get out and take defensive driving in a classroom.

Depending on the school, classroom defensive driving has always been fun; being in the presence of humans again might even make it more so. Now I’m not gonna lie; classroom defensive driving in Arlington is hard to find anymore. Here are some schools where you can still make that happen.

Austin Driving School

Austin Driving School arlington

Based in Austin with locations in Tarrant County, Austin Driving School is state-certified, bonded, and insured, offering defensive driving and many other driving courses. They also offer teen drivers ed, adult drivers ed, and courses for minor in possession offenders, DWI offenders, and drug offenders. In all of their offerings, Austin Driving School is committed to saving lives, reducing stress, and promoting responsible driving habits.

Visit for locations or call (512) 280-4499

First Class Driver

first class driver fort worth

Whether you are looking to get your license, needing to remove a traffic ticket, or considering making driving a full-time or part-time profession, First Class Driver is the place to start. First Class is a full-service driving center making it easy and fun to get behind the wheel. They have helped thousands of people enjoy the fun and freedom of being a safe, licensed driver.

4255 Bryant Irvin Rd Ste 105, Fort Worth, TX 76109 or call (817) 731-0200

In the bygone B.C. (before Covid) days, schools like Comedy GuysFunny Bone, and My Improv were famous for their defensive driving classes that were more or less dinner and a show. Hopefully, they’ll be back soon.

If You Have Received a Ticket in Arlington

Defensive driving courses can be used to improve driving skills and earn insurance discounts, but the benefit most people look for is ticket dismissal. 

The first step to taking defensive driving is receiving permission to do so. The Arlington process for asking “pretty please” must follow these rules:

Dismissal for most citations is possible unless the ticket was written:

Ticket dismissal is also not a possibility if you are the holder of a Commercial Drivers License (CDL) or if you have dismissed a ticket with defensive driving in the past 12 months.

Driving in Arlington

Nested at the center of the Metroplex, Arlington residents regularly commute to Fort Worth or Dallas for work or pleasure. An excellent highway system easily accomplishes this task, but the locals all seem to refer to these roads by name instead of by number. Let’s break down a few to reduce a little confusion for the first-timers.

If you are headed to Fort Worth on:

If you are headed to Dallas on:

More Cool Stuff to Do in Arlington

Besides its wide variety of peculiarly named freeways, Texas’ seventh-largest city has a lot to offer. What might you discover if you headed there?

Whatever you decide to see or do in Arlington, be careful driving to get there. Without question, the driving environment here can pose some real traffic challenges. Consider taking a defensive driving course to make sure you get to your “whatever” safely.

John Fabel

I have a long and checkered history with defensive driving. I took my first "court invited" course at age 15 and realized immediately that there had to be a better way. Since that first experience, I have gone on to teach defensive driving classroom courses and to author four internet courses in 2 states. After nearly 25 years in the industry, I can help you find a course that will be the best fit for you.