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This course is available for anyone who wants to learn how to become a safer driver. Need to dismiss a ticket or get an insurance discount? Check out our state-approved courses.

Introduction and Course Overview

Course Orientation: What You Need To Know

Nearly half a million drivers take defensive driving courses yearly in Texas alone. These drivers benefit in many ways, but the most important is becoming safer on the road.

Did you know drivers who complete these courses are 20% less likely to be involved in accidents? It’s a significant benefit!

Understanding what to expect can make a huge difference. Think of this course orientation as your roadmap—leading you through as your Texas driving course guide, showing you what’s ahead and what you’ll need. Knowing what’s coming will make you feel more relaxed and focused. 

Let’s dive into the Texas driving course guide and continue your journey!

Meet Your Defensive Driving Instructor

I’m John, and I’ll be your instructor for this course. With nearly thirty years as a defensive driving instructor and multiple courses designed to meet state approvals in many areas, I’ve seen my fair share of driving courses over the years. Together, we can make the road safer for everyone.

How This Course Works

This course is designed to be completed online from your couch, an oversized beanbag, or a beach chair. Enjoy the flexibility of taking your course online, with all the course benefits, without wasting a Saturday at a traditional defensive driving school.

Safe Driving Topics Covered

The course material is broken down into 8 sections:

  • Introduction and Course Overview
  • Traffic Problems and Statistics
  • Human Factors in Driving
  • Driving Skills and Techniques
  • Environmental and Road Conditions
  • Safety Measures and Risk Management
  • Vehicle Maintenance and Emergency Handling
  • Alcohol and Drug Education

Navigating Through Course Sections

As you work through the course, you will encounter different screens and helpful features:

Login Page
The ability to start and stop your course means some people see this page more than others. To continue your course, you enter your email and the password you created during registration.
Table of Contents
This outline of the course content allows you to track your progress and view previously completed pages.
Continue Course
This button returns you to the last page you viewed in the course. It is conveniently located at the top of the table of contents and in the menu on every page.
Section Timer
Each section has a minimum time requirement set by the state to prevent skipping ahead without completing the section material. You can spend unlimited time in each section but can’t move forward to the next until the timer runs out.
Did you know drivers who chose the video course finished 30% faster than those who took the standard online course? Save time with the online video course!
Section Page
Each section is divided into pages with some video plus text and graphics.
Each section concludes with a 10-question multiple-choice quiz requiring a 70% score to pass. A section review video is shown immediately before each quiz. Unlimited retakes are available but require you to complete the section before trying the quiz again.
Course Question
After some pages, typically those with videos, you will be asked a multiple-choice question based on the previous content. If you do not answer correctly, you will review the page again before attempting another question.
Personal Question
These state-required questions verify the driver’s identity based on license and vehicle data.
Unlike the section timer, the timer for questions and quizzes counts down the allowable time to submit your answers.

Tips for a Successful Course Experience

Preparing for the Course

  • Comfortable Study Environment: Choose a quiet, well-lit space free from interruptions.
  • Reduce Distractions: Turn off notifications and minimize background noise.

Setting Goals and Expectations

  • Determine Your Goals: Know why you’re taking the course, whether for ticket dismissal, insurance reduction, or improving driving skills.
  • Set Realistic Goals: Break the course into manageable sections and set daily or weekly goals.

As you go through your course, take regular, short breaks to help keep you focused.

It’s time to move on from your moving violation.
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