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by John Fabel | Last Updated: August 9, 2023

Taking a defensive driving course rarely appears high on anyone’s to-do list, but if you have a ticket to dismiss or would like to save a little money on your car insurance, there’s really no easier way. Not ready to jump in yet? Here are a few more answers that may help you decide.

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Does Louisiana Offer Defensive Driving?

Can I Take Defensive Driving for a Speeding Ticket in Louisiana?

How Long is a Louisiana Defensive Driving Course?

Do I Have to Take Defensive Driving After a Louisiana Ticket?

Does Louisiana Have Defensive Driving?

Defensive driving is available in Louisiana, but it is used a little differently here than in other parts of the country.

Louisiana does not have a statewide standard for the use of defensive driving. Instead, whether you can use a course for ticket dismissal is made on a parish-by-parish basis. The good news is that more parishes are realizing that the driving refreshers offered by completing a course are valuable for folks who have gotten tickets.

If you have gotten a ticket, all we can say is it never hurts to ask if your parish will allow you to dismiss it with a traffic school course. We sincerely hope your court says yes—speeding tickets in Louisiana range between $160 and $400 dollars.

You’ll also want to make sure you contact the court by the date written or printed on your citation. Ignoring a ticket will certainly reduce your chances of getting a yes!

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Can I Dismiss a Speeding Ticket with Louisiana Traffic School?

As we mentioned, that will come down to the court with jurisdiction over your citation. In some parts of Louisiana, defensive driving may not keep you from paying for the ticket, but it may prevent the ticket from going on your record. On the other hand, enough tickets on your record can cost you your license, and any tickets can cost you higher car insurance premiums. So be sure to do all you can to keep that driving record clean!

Ticket dismissal is not the only reason to take a defensive driving course. Many companies require employees that drive company vehicles to complete a driver improvement course. This request is to keep the company’s auto insurance rates low. But did you know that two can play at that game?

Many insurance companies offer premium discounts to policyholders who voluntarily complete a defensive driving course. Here’s a look at the kind of money you could save by spending a few hours refreshing your driving knowledge.

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How Long is Defensive Driving in Louisiana?

Whether you take defensive driving online or in a classroom, the course can range between four and eight hours long, depending on the school. Doing a little homework before registering could put a couple of hours back into your schedule.

If you are like most busy folks, an online course is really the best way to go. With an online course, you are free to work on it on a schedule that works for you. All at once or a piece at a time— it’s up to you.

BTW—Our number one choice for online defensive driving, the one linked above? It’s a four-hour version!

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Is Defensive Driving Required After a Louisiana Traffic Citation?

Not unless you are a habitual offender. Some courts will require the completion of defensive driving for drivers who have accumulated multiple tickets on their records. By the way, tickets hang around an average of three years on a Louisiana driving record, so keeping them off of yours is a good plan, no matter how you get it done.

If your court does not offer defensive driving for ticket dismissal, you do have other options.

And Speaking of Options…

Online defensive driving in Louisiana is offered by a handful of providers. Here’s a list of some of them you can choose from.

Top Louisiana OMV-Approved Online Defensive Driving Providers

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