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The Benefits of Taking a Texas Defensive Driving Course


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Defensive Driving Benefits Make Happy Drivers

Defensive driving is the art of driving safely by predicting and handling risky situations on the road. It’s also a course you can take, especially if you have a speeding ticket or another driving violation. These courses are easy to access and offer many benefits:

1. Ticket Dismissal and Point Reduction

One big benefit of taking a defensive driving course online is that you can get a ticket dismissed. You can also reduce points on your driver’s license.

This helps keep your driving record clean and avoids higher insurance costs.

2. Insurance Discounts

Taking a defensive driving course can lower your car insurance. Many insurance companies give discounts to safe drivers who complete these courses.

This not only lowers your monthly payments but also helps you drive safer.

3. Employer Requirements

If you drive a company car, your job might require a defensive driving course.

This shows you are a safe driver and can help you get or keep a job that involves driving.

4. Safety and Awareness

Most importantly, defensive driving can keep you safe. It teaches you how to handle dangers on the road and be a more careful driver.

You learn advanced driving skills and understand how other drivers think, which helps you avoid accidents.

Does Texas Defensive Driving Lower Ticket Costs?

Yes! A speeding ticket in Texas costs about $223. If you drive faster than the average speeder, the cost can increase quickly. Taking a defensive driving course can lower that cost a lot.

You still have to pay a court fee, but it’s much less than paying for the ticket.

Can I Save Money on My Insurance?

Absolutely. Completing a defensive driving course keeps the ticket off your record, so your insurance doesn’t go up.

Texas gives you two copies of your completion certificate: one for the court and one for your insurance.

If your insurance company offers a discount for safe drivers, this certificate can save you money for three years.

What Else Do I Get From a Defensive Driving Course?

Taking a defensive driving course makes you a better driver. Here’s how:

  • Updated Knowledge: Driving laws and road dangers change over time. The course keeps you up-to-date.
  • Enhanced Road Awareness: Knowing new dangers helps you drive safer.
  • Refresher on Driving Skills: If it’s been a while since you learned to drive, a refresher course is helpful.

Taking defensive driving online can be a very exciting, fun, and even eye-opening experience! Not only will it keep you and your family safer, but it will also ensure that others are safe too. This makes a better world for us all. Defensive driving is easy to sign up for online, doesn’t take much time, and doesn’t cost much money. It gives you safety skills that you will likely use all your life.

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