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Costs & Savings of Defensive Driving in Texas


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Defensive driving is a smart way to stay safe and avoid accidents. It’s especially important in Texas, with our busy roads, booming population, and never-ending construction.

Let’s look at the costs of our defensive driving courses and the money you can save by taking one.

Costs of Taking Defensive Driving with Us

The cost of a defensive driving course in Texas is set by the state. The minimum price for both in-person and online classes is $25.00. This price covers the basic course, but course add-ons are available for additional features.

Our Online Courses

Additional Items to Consider

  • Type 3A Driving Record
  • Expedited Certificate Delivery

Why Choose Us

We work hard to keep our prices as low as possible while offering the best course features to suit different learning styles. Choosing the right course is about finding one that meets your needs without breaking the bank.

Quick Tip: The video course does cost a few dollars more, but on average, drivers who select this option finish 30% faster than those who take the text course.

Potential Savings from Our Defensive Driving Course

Insurance Discounts

Completing our defensive driving course can save you money on car insurance. Many insurance companies offer discounts of 2% to 15% on premiums for drivers who finish a certified course.

  • Average Percentage Savings: 2-10%
  • How to Apply: Submit your course completion certificate to your insurance company to get the discount.

Reduction in Traffic Fines and Penalties

Taking our defensive driving course can also reduce or dismiss traffic fines. For example, in Fort Worth, a speeding ticket might cost around $254.20, but choosing defensive driving and paying court fees totals about $139.20, saving you money.

  • Examples of Fines Reduced: Speeding tickets and minor traffic violations.
  • Process of Ticket Dismissal: Enroll in and complete our course, then submit the certificate to the court handling your case.

Avoid Increased Insurance Rates

Traffic violations often lead to higher insurance premiums. Our course helps keep these violations off your record, avoiding potential rate spikes.

Long-term Financial Benefits

Impact on Overall Driving Record

Taking our defensive driving course can help you keep a clean driving record, which can lead to long-term savings on insurance premiums and reduce the chance of costly traffic violations.

Long-term Insurance Premium Savings

Drivers with a defensive driving course certificate can enjoy lower insurance premiums over multiple years, increasing their savings.

Potential Reduction in Vehicle Maintenance and Repair Costs

Improved driving skills from our course can lead to fewer accidents and less wear and tear on your vehicle, saving on maintenance and repair costs.

Non-financial Benefits

Improved Driving Skills and Confidence

Our course improves your overall driving skills, making you a more confident and capable driver.

Enhanced Road Safety for Drivers and Others

Safer driving habits lead to fewer accidents, helping not only the driver but also passengers and other road users.

Stress Reduction from Better Driving Habits

Learning how to handle various driving situations calmly and effectively can reduce stress and make driving more enjoyable.

Course Costs & Savings FAQs

What is the Minimum Cost of a Defensive Driving Course in Texas?

The minimum cost is $25.00, as set by Texas state law. A $3.00 mandatory processing fee was also added this year.

How Much can I Save on My Insurance by Taking a Defensive Driving Course?

Most insurance companies offer a discount of 2-15% on premiums for drivers who complete a certified course.

Can Defensive Driving Courses Help With Traffic Fines?

Yes, completing our course can reduce or dismiss certain traffic fines, saving you money.

How Often can I Take a Defensive Driving Course for Insurance discounts?

Typically, the certificate is valid for three years, and you can retake the course to keep your discount.

Is it Worth Spending More on Upgraded Course Options?

Depending on your learning style, spending a little extra on the video course might make the experience more enjoyable and effective for you. People typically finish this option 30% faster!

Our defensive driving courses in Texas offer both financial and safety benefits. By investing a small amount in our course, you can save a lot on insurance premiums, reduce traffic fines, and improve your driving skills.

Consider enrolling in our defensive driving course to take advantage of these benefits and become a safer driver on the road.

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